Complete Beauty Course

Duration - 5 consecutive days plus 2 other days (to be arranged when you attend the course). Or, 2 days per week over 4 weeks plus 1 additional day.

Cost: was £1195 Now £1028


The Comprehensive Beauty Course is a concentrated course that covers all facets of beauty therapy.
Once successfully completed, you will then be able to access specialist treatment licensing via local government / council authority. Once successful, you are then able to obtain insurance to perfom beauty therapy treatments as a mobile / independent therapist or within a salon.

Whilst attending this course you will recieve one to one, thorough training, provided by an experienced and fully qualified trainer, in an environment conducive to learning.

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Whilst on the course you will cover all of the course content below:



Consultation, contra-indications, trolley setup, product knowledge. Superficial cleanse, deep cleanse, tone, exfoliation, moisturise. Aftercare advice.


Face Masks & Face Massage

Massage routine,Contra-indications, aftercare advice. How to mix and apply face masks. Assessment.


Small Eye Treatments

Contra-indications. Eyelash and eyebrow tinting, eyebrow shaping. Eyelash extensions that include strip and individual lashes. Aftercare advice. Assessment.


Manicure & Pedicure

Contra-indications, function of the nail, nail structure, manicure and pedicure procedure. Paraffin wax treatment, hand masks. Aftercare advice. Assessment.



Half leg, full leg, bikini, under arm, top lip, chin and eyebrow waxing. Anatomy and physiology, client consultaion. The structure and function of hair follicle. Identifying contra-indications to waxing. Health and safety, care of equipment.Techniques including hot and cool wax. Hygiene, sterilisation and aftercare procedures.


Spray Tanning

A half day course where you’ll learn how to apply spray tan using a compressor and compressor maintenance


Make Up

Contra-indications. Cosmetic make up, black skin make up and corrective make up. Assess skin types. Skin preparation. Check for contra-indications. Recognition of skin tones/ face shapes/ eye shapes/ lip shapes.


Please Note:

This course is recognised by the Local Government Licensing Authority and should facilitate the granting of a body treatments license if required