Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone Massage is an increasingly popular treatment for stress busting in today's busy life style schedules. This is a profitable addition to your treatment portfolio. It is a specialty massage that helps tight muscles to relax with the techniques that are deeply soothing to the body.

At the Nail & Beauty School you will learn to massage using the heated basalt lava stones. These warm the muscles of the body which allows the therapist to work on the muscles of the body at the much deeper level. You will learn which stones correspond to which part of the body and how to balance the body with the cold marble stones.
You will cover client preparation and consultation along with the techniques and movements of Hot Stone Therapy. You will also cover contra-actions, and aftercare.

Hot Stone Massage Course Content:

  • The stones, their benefits and origins
  • Temperature control
  • Preparation, consultation and contra-indications
  • Procedures
  • Thermotherapy
  • Techniques and movements
  • Chakras, Yin and Yang
  • Contra-actions
  • Aftercare

Cost £140

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