Frequently Asked Questions

As you can imagine we get lots of questions about our company and courses and so to give you more of an insight into what it's all about we've listed some of the popular things we've been asked. If any of the frequently asked questions listed does not answer your question then please don't hesitate to give us a call on  0845 680 0176 and one of our team will be happy to answer them for you.


Surely you can’t learn four systems in two days?

This is probably the most asked question!! Most people can learn four systems in two days, but there is an onus on you, the student, to perfect your skill at home. We start trouble shooting immediately. Teaching you what problems to look for and how to solve them! The more mistakes that are made, which they are, the more we learn!! Lecturers demonstrate how to do each stage in bite size chunks, then the student repeats this. We learn in a small group together. This is a technique called ‘accelerated learning’, where students work together and help each other, often resolving problems together. This helps to embed the knowledge, enabling students to remember what they have learnt! Lecturers are also there to support each and every student, in a personal or group situation at all times. For the few students that are not quite up to the standard, then we offer one more Nail Tech Course, for free, so that they can practice at home, then return to another course to complete.


How do I book a course with you?

You can book online by simply clicking the 'book' button next to the course you have selected. You will then be asked to confirm your booking and then to enter your personal details. Following this, you will come to the Paypal confirm page - we use Paypal for our online payments. Click the Paypal button and you will then be taken to the Paypal site. Here you can either login to your account (if you have one); or, you can pay without registering with Paypal and follow the instructions through to pay as a guest.

To book a course you can call the office and pay your non refundable deposit over the phone by card. Or you can send in a cheque to the office, ensuring that you allow 10 days before the course, for the cheque to clear. Deposit funds MUST be cleared before attending the course.


Where are your venues?

We select venues around the UK to hold our training courses. Because many of our students have family responsibilities it can be difficult for them to travel to a central location. So, we bring the venue to local areas to enable students to maintain their responsibilities whilst learning new skills. The locations are shown beneath each course.


Can I get insurance after I’ve passed the course?

Yes, our certificate is accredited through Professional Beauty Direct who provide incredibly competitive insurance for people in the Beauty industry; this allows our students to obtain comprehensive insurance for their business.


If I come on the course do I automatically receive my certificate?

No, this is not a turn up and pass course. Tutors are continually assessing student’s work to ensure it meets the required industry standards. As an accredited certificate it is our responsibility to maintain these standards and ensure that a student is sufficiently skilled to carry out the procedures on their customers.


What happens if I fail the course?

Unfortunately, if the tutor feels that a student does not meet the required standard they will not award the certificate. In this case the student will be offered a free place on another course of the same type to enable them to reach the standards set.


Can I pay by instalments? 

Students may pay by instalments prior to the commencement of the course on which they are booked. However, the course fee must be fully paid when the course starts.


Can I get help towards the cost of my course?

For the NVQ course we do offer some funding, if you meet the eligibility criteria. Please fill in the webform and we will provide you with direct information click here to go to the form.
We have had some students put through the NABS Nail Tech course via such organisations as the job centre, Princes Trust etc. There are also some local charities that offer funding for training, but you need to find this out in your own local area. It is your responsibility to gain this funding, we are not able to do this for you. If you get in touch with some of the organisations mentioned above, they should be able to point you in the right direction.


Is a kit included in the cost? 

We provide the kit students use during the course but do not provide kit for students to take away. We supply nail and beauty kits at very reasonable rates should students wish to purchase them. They can be seen on our online shop under ‘Kits’.


What should I wear?

You should always wear something comfortable. We suggest wearing layers so that you can take off if hot, and add if you are cool. Students can sometimes get cool as they are sitting down for the whole day with little moving about. So take this into consideration if you know you have a tendency to get cold.


Can I buy kit from you?

Yes, kits can be seen and bought on the course. The lecturer will bring them with her. If you know what you want then it is often wise to book it before the course, as occasionally we do run out of stock, but this does not happen often.


What do I need to bring to the course?

 A pen, paper and a packed lunch.


Which products do you use?

 We use mostly Millenium products. But also Calgel and Gelish, as well as other makes where necessary.


Will I be able to work for myself if I pass the course?

 Yes, once you have perfected your skill. This needs to be done before you start having ‘real’ clients. As you perfect your skill you will also be building your confidence to becoming a professional. You will need to have perfected your skill and be confident in your skill to get and RETAIN your clients. Don’t be tempted to start too early. Remember bad news travels very fast!! You want and need to have a good reputation as a Nail Tech to get and keep clients!


Is your certificate recognised by salons?

It is not as recognised as an NVQ. But remember that the NVQ in Nail Services only came out about 2 years ago. We have had Nail Techs long before that! Most of them have trained this way.


Why is your course so cheap?

 We try to keep the costs down, recognising that students, often, have a limited budget. Most of our students are women and have dependants that they are responsible for and regularly fall into the category of ‘limited budget’. We try to recognise this and believe that we offer a very good value for money service which allows students the opportunity to create a career where they can, if self employed, easily earn much more than the minimum .


Can I do the course at home?

 No. Other schools do offer home courses where you learn alone. We have found that we have had alot of students who have done these courses then come to us as they still feel the need to have hands on practical training with a professional.


How often do you hold your courses?

We usually visit an area once every 6-12 weeks.


How old do I have to be to come on one of your courses?

For legal reasons the minimum age for a student on one of our courses is sixteen.


What is the name of the qualification?

The standard qualification is the Nail and Beauty School certificate. Our NVQ course is a fully recognised NVQ. Please be aware that some organisations claim to offer NVQ courses, please be aware that they are not neccessarily NVQ's themselves and you should specifically ask any company if their course is a nationally recognised NVQ.


Are you affiliated to any particular product?



I’m a single mum on benefit, wanting to get back into work but can’t afford the course fee; can I get any help?

You could get funding, fill in the eligibility form and we will let you know the options or you can contact your local job centre or other charitable organisations to see if they offer funding.

What about after I’ve passed the course?

We want you to be successful in your new career and so if you need any advice once you've completed your course you can call or email us and one of our lecturers will get back in touch to help as best they can. We will also be putting together a newsletter later this year that will help keep you up to date and give hints and tips too.