Funding Your Course


To secure a place on a course you need to pay a deposit; the amount differs depending upon the course. Deposits can be paid by credit card, debit card or cheque (which should be sent to our address; you should also write the course name and course date on the back of your cheque). You must allow 10 working days before the course for the cheque to clear.



We do have access to some funding. To access the funding each student needs to meet the set criteria. If you want to know whether you are eligible, then please take a look at our NVQ Funding Criteria page by clicking here.
If you are not able to access funding this way then you would need to secure your own funding. Here are some useful links to places that offer funding to some students, again it is dependant on meeting the funding criteria. This is not a definitive list and it is always worthwhile checking if there are any charities or organizations that may offer funding in your local area.


The Prince's Trust

The Prince's Trust offers support to students in a number of ways to be elibible for grants, you have to be:

  • Aged 14 - 16 and not expecting to achieve five GCSEs (or equivalent) grades A - C.
  • Aged 16 - 25 and not in education or employment

Loans or grants can be available for 'Development' i.e. further courses or to help set up a business.
Telephone  0800 842 842 or visit


Other useful links

It may be worth contacting the following organisations to see if there is any advice or help they could give you.


DFES- Adult Learning opportunities and funding


Job Centre - Contact your local job centre if you are currently unemployed, some students have received help via the New Deal Scheme.


EMDA - East Midlands Development Agency


Business Link - The Government initiative.


Chambers of Commerce - Your local Chamber may be able to supply you with information regarding funding.
Check local Charitable organisations in your local area. Ask at the job centre or any of the above in case they have information regarding these.



We offer a flexible payment programme but these need to be arranged with the office.

Deposits and course fees paid to the school are non transferable and non refundable due to the high demand for places on these courses. Also to run the courses we need definite commitment from the student so that we know what our numbers are.
Courses may be transferred from time to time in exceptional cases at the company's discretion.
The school also accepts payments prior to course commence dates thus enabling you to spread your payments before the course starts, making sure that you can achieve your goals.

Funding Using High Interest Loan Companies

You've probably seen the adverts where companies offer unsecured loans that you can pay off over a year or so. You should be very, very careful about using one of these companies to fund your course. The reason is that they charge such exhorbitant rates of interest over the year - called APR (annual percentage rate) that could see you repaying double (and sometimes more) than the amount you borrowed in the first place.

We recommend that you should think very carefully before you take on any loan like this and please if tempted make sure you get all of the relevant information from the company in terms of how much you will actually have to repay.